Brendan McLatchie's Corporate Voiceover

Why Brendan Chose VO

Take A Listen To My Corporate Voice Work

I've provided corporate voice work for internal announcements, training, major press releases and international advertising.

Having worked in the corporate world for most of my career, I have an intimate knowledge of the corporate world's inner workings and how to effectively bridge the communication gap across every rung of the corporate ladder.

If you need a new corporate voice for an upcoming project, then please listen to my corporate demos and see if I'm the right voice for you. If you need anything more specific, then just get in touch with me below and I'll happily provide a custom sample read.


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Every Corporate Has Its Personal Story... I'd Love To Be The Voice For Yours!

When a corporate client entrusts me with being the voice of their company, I am always honoured because I understand the value of what I've been given.

In my previous career as a data analyst, I was no stranger to crafting a great corporate narrative for every company I worked with. All I needed was a few data points, a genuine message and a narrative to wrap it all up in...and sometimes the odd whiteboard if things really got complicated.

My corporate clients are among my most loyal ones, with so much of my repeat work coming from the corporate sector. I even voice for many of the corporates that I used to work with, Virgin Atlantic being one of my very first clients when I switched to full time VO.

Corporates love the continuity that a single voice can offer their company, outside of just one-off campaigns and announcements. A corporate voice needs to be completely hands on with the client's needs, because they are in effect, part of the team!

That's how I feel about every single one of my corporate clients. I act like I'm one of the team because I have the responsibility of being their representative to their employees, shareholders and out to the world beyond.

Just a few of my corporate clients include large organisations such as the NHS and Virgin Atlantic, who trust me to carry their message to tens of thousands of customers and employees around the world. My commitment to customer service is the same whether I'm voicing for my global clients, or my more local partnerships with the Kent County Council, or Surrey Council.

I'm very happy to assist with every aspect of your corporate voiceover and communications, aiding with announcements or helping you plan larger scale resources to take the stress off your workforce. Simply drop me a message and please don't hesitate to ask for a custom sample read if you want to hear more from me.

Why Use A Voiceover for your corporate communications?

A corporate voiceover can assist with every single aspect of a business' communications, which can cover just its internal departments and employees or can extend to all announcements and events. You can speak directly to everyone from shareholders and even customers on a global scale.

Your corporate voice can be responsible for voicing something as simple as a one-off announcement across the business, or they can help you put together an entire e-learning and onboarding course, allowing you to train your employees with accurate and clear training resources that you can utilise for years to come.

Corporates around the world build strong relationships with individual voices to act as a consistent source of communication across their entire operation.

Having a corporate voiceover on call takes the stress away from having to burden your marketing and PR team with extra design work.

With a corporate voice on the books, all you ever have to do is put together a script and send it over. From there, your corporate voiceover can handle the delivery, production and editing - providing you with a high quality and professional sounding piece of media that you can share right away.

Corporate voiceover is key to helping a business keep its comms operating at the highest level and ensuring they are always keeping their customers and workforce in the loop with their ethos and beliefs. With more teams spread between continents, a shared vision is more important than ever before.

If you're a business who needs someone to spread your vision, then I'd love to chat about your company's values and the message that you want to share.

If you are finding your communications need a fresh voice then simply get in touch and I'd be happy to chat about your corporate voiceover needs.

Brendan is a very talented actor with a huge range. He will have you in stitches laughing one moment and in tears the next. He has an extremely powerful presence which is supported by the unique quality and strength of his voice. He takes direction beautifully and is always willing to learn and adapt to serve the character and production. I would recommend him to anyone and will definitely be working with him again.

Abigail B. - Acting Coach

Brendan is a true delight to work with. He responds well to direction and collaboration in crafting his characters. Everyone loved having him in our studio and all thought he did a fantastic job.

Harry B. - Director

Brendan is one of the most inspiring voice artists I have ever met. He has a profound understanding of so many different styles. I would book him for corporate as quickly as I would book him for commercials and eLearning. His portfolio of gaming and audio drama characters is genuinely jaw dropping. He conveys realistic emotion with authenticity, sensitivity and honesty. I would recommend this gent any day of the week.

Emily J. - Audio Producer

You Have A Story To Share

Let Me Be The One To Tell It

Whether you have questions about the voiceover process, or have a corporate project you need me to voice right away, then I'm available to help.

I always aim to work to your schedule, so let me know your goals and share a script if you have it ready. I'll be right back to you to assist in any way that I can.