Brendan McLatchie Video Game Character Acting

Why Brendan Chose VO

Discover My Video Game Characters

As you can see from my site, I'm a massive fan of all things gaming.

My passion for the industry fires one of my driving goals as a voice actor, to inhabit incredible characters across the video game landscape.

I invite you to listen to my video game character demo and see if I am the right fit for your video game project. Please get in touch as I'd be happy to look at your script or even provide a sample read to help you see how I'd capture them!


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Let Me Bring Your Characters To Life

I love working with creators to help them bring their video game characters to life. My current work is primarily within the independent games industry, where I've worked on personal projects built by small teams.

As you've hopefully heard in my video game character demo, I can play a full range of characters using both my normal accent, as well as disappear into fantastical characters using my toolbox of bizarre voices and other-worldly accents (some of which I probably haven't even discovered myself yet).

I know that video game development is ever-shifting, so I'm always happy to work from start to finish on developing a character to make sure they bring the most they can to the story you're trying to tell.

If you want to work closely with a voice actor who will bring your characters to life, then I'd love to hear all about your next game. Simply drop me a message below or get in touch directly by phone and I'll be right back to you.

Need A British Gaming Voiceover?

From the most iconic villains to the smoothest narrators - nothing beats a British voice.

I lack the traditional RP accent which is so heavily associated with British voices. Britain is known for having some of the most diverse accents in the world for such a small country and my accent has a realness to it which is perfect for characters who need to feel alive to your audience.

I love bringing that same diversity of accents to any role I play. If I can discover a new voice or a fresh vocal texture that gives a character an original spark, then that is the greatest feeling for me as a voice actor.

Whether it's a AAA project or indie passion project, then a British accent can deliver so much. It's a timeless sound that spans across history and even into the realm of fantasy.

If you need a British video game actor, then I'd love to be involved and help you fill your world with real characters that people might love or they might hate, but they'll never get out of their head.

Brendan is a very talented actor with a huge range. He will have you in stitches laughing one moment and in tears the next. He has an extremely powerful presence which is supported by the unique quality and strength of his voice. He takes direction beautifully and is always willing to learn and adapt to serve the character and production. I would recommend him to anyone and will definitely be working with him again.

Abigail B. - Acting Coach

Brendan is a true delight to work with. He responds well to direction and collaboration in crafting his characters. Everyone loved having him in our studio and all thought he did a fantastic job.

Harry B. - Director

Brendan is one of the most inspiring voice artists I have ever met. He has a profound understanding of so many different styles. I would book him for corporate as quickly as I would book him for commercials and eLearning. His portfolio of gaming and audio drama characters is genuinely jaw dropping. He conveys realistic emotion with authenticity, sensitivity and honesty. I would recommend this gent any day of the week.

Emily J. - Audio Producer

Let me help you discover your next great character

I'd Love To Help With Your Gaming Project

I love to develop great characters, so whether you have a script or just some cliff notes - don't hesitate to get in touch.

I'm happy to provide sample reads if you want to get a sense if I'm right for the character or to help us discover who they really are.

Just drop me a message or a call and I'll be right back to you.