Brendan's McLatchie's IVR Voiceover

Why Brendan Chose VO

for IVR Demos, please hold... i mean, click the play button

IVR is the first line of defence for your customer service and first impressions matter more than anything when it comes to your business.

I invite you to take a listen to my IVR demos (or download them for later) and see if my voice is the right fit to be your business' first touchpoint with your customers!


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I Can Be Your Relatable IVR Voice

As automation becomes more present in the world, we're quickly seeing the downsides that it brings, especially when it comes to customer service.

Throughout my entire career, great customer service has been at the forefront of my responsibilities and it's something I deeply care about.

Now that I work as a self-employed voiceover, running my own business, that commitment to great customer service is more important than ever. Great customer service means that I am always listening, responding and most importantly, truly trying to find solutions to make my clients' lives easier.

That's what makes me such a great IVR voiceover. Not only do I have the conversational and relatable delivery to make sure that I can make a real connection with your customers, but I also truly understand the importance of the human and personal connection which is at the heart of IVR.

As a British IVR voice, I can deliver IVR voiceover to any English-speaking region. Whether your company is based in Britain, America, Canada - my voice will translate perfectly to your IVR system. For international companies, I can even produce IVR for each region, providing a British IVR voiceover which works across your global network of customers and gives your customer service a unique and consistent voice around the world.

If you're looking for a new voice for your IVR system and want to avoid the usual automated IVR voices which have slowly overtaken many businesses, then I'd love to chat.

Please don't hesitate to send me any questions you have about the process, as well as your existing script. I'm also happy to take a look at any plans you have and help you develop your IVR system using my experience.

I look forward to hearing from you...I'm now transferring you to my testimonials from my happy clients!

Should You Use An Automated Voice For Your IVR Voiceover?

As the first touch point of your customer service, your IVR makes a huge impression on how your customer feels about you.

Your customer could be trying to get in touch for any number of reasons. They might be overjoyed to speak to you, or they might be extremely unhappy. Because of that unpredictability, you need to make sure that they know you care from the very beginning, because it's always the best option.

While automated voices for your IVR get the job done and direct your customers to the right department, they're a quick fix to a problem which is much deeper than just needing your phone system to be efficient.

It's incredible how subtle a human presence is when dealing with customers. Simple things go such a long way in improving your reputation with customers. You don't even necessarily have to solve their issue, but there's so much evidence that customers respond better and leave positive feedback when they feel like they're being listened to and dealing with actual real people.

We're a social species, it doesn't matter what the context is, the human connection will always improve the way a customer will respond to you if they can deal with a human being and not a machine.

By having a human voice as part of your initial IVR telephone system, you make it clear to your customers that you care. Their first interaction with your business is personal and most importantly...human.

I believe with my relatable delivery, I can be that human voice for your IVR and help your customers around the world know that you care about their concerns.

Brendan is a very talented actor with a huge range. He will have you in stitches laughing one moment and in tears the next. He has an extremely powerful presence which is supported by the unique quality and strength of his voice. He takes direction beautifully and is always willing to learn and adapt to serve the character and production. I would recommend him to anyone and will definitely be working with him again.

Abigail B. - Acting Coach

Brendan is a true delight to work with. He responds well to direction and collaboration in crafting his characters. Everyone loved having him in our studio and all thought he did a fantastic job.

Harry B. - Director

Brendan is one of the most inspiring voice artists I have ever met. He has a profound understanding of so many different styles. I would book him for corporate as quickly as I would book him for commercials and eLearning. His portfolio of gaming and audio drama characters is genuinely jaw dropping. He conveys realistic emotion with authenticity, sensitivity and honesty. I would recommend this gent any day of the week.

Emily J. - Audio Producer

Your Call Is Very Important To Me

so don't hesitate to get in touch

If you need to get in touch with me regarding your IVR project, or simply need to enquire about how an IVR voiceover project works, then I'm here to help you.

Please feel free to drop me an email directly or through my form. You can also just give me a ring. I'll be right back in touch to help you with whatever you need.