Brendan McLatchie's E-Learning Voiceover

Why Brendan Chose VO

E-Learning That Makes You Want To discover more

Please feel free to listen to my e-learning voiceover work projects and demos to hear how I can help make your e-learning course authentic and conversational.

From pharmaceuticals to the English language, I'm always ready to find the unique delivery to make sure your students are hungry for that next module.


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From Medical To Finance, I Can Be Your E-Learning Voiceover!

When it comes to working as the voice of your next e-learning project, I understand that there are 3 things that are core to delivering a great e-learning course.

1 - Your presenter must keep the course enthusiastic and sound completely authentic and knowledgable about the subject.

2 - The production values of the course must be to the highest professional standard, as that is now the baseline for any online learning.

3 - Your voiceover needs to be constantly working with you to ensure that every piece of jargon is pronounced perfectly, and every deadline is hit.

My commitment to the authenticity of your subject, the quality of my own studio, and my reputation for great customer service make me the perfect voice artist to help you bring your e-learning project to life.

Do I Need A Voiceover For My E-Learning?

That's a great question, I'm very happy to answer it!

Video and audio content have stormed ahead as the preferred way for people to learn. The shift away from written content means that content creators and educators need to invest more time and effort to make sure the technical elements of their learning resources are up to the standards of the modern consumer.

I don't think many would deny that this section of the website would be better if you were listening to it instead!

Using voice in your e-learning is a must, plain and simple. Not only is it the preferred method of learning, but a human connection is key to keeping your audience engaged and make the most of remote learning.

As a voiceover with my own studio, I've already got the technical aspects sorted. With an e-learning voice artist on call, you just need to send me your resources and scripts - Then I'll deliver a fully produced e-learning course that sounds great and keeps your audience focused.

Brendan is a very talented actor with a huge range. He will have you in stitches laughing one moment and in tears the next. He has an extremely powerful presence which is supported by the unique quality and strength of his voice. He takes direction beautifully and is always willing to learn and adapt to serve the character and production. I would recommend him to anyone and will definitely be working with him again.

Abigail B. - Acting Coach

Brendan is a true delight to work with. He responds well to direction and collaboration in crafting his characters. Everyone loved having him in our studio and all thought he did a fantastic job.

Harry B. - Director

Brendan is one of the most inspiring voice artists I have ever met. He has a profound understanding of so many different styles. I would book him for corporate as quickly as I would book him for commercials and eLearning. His portfolio of gaming and audio drama characters is genuinely jaw dropping. He conveys realistic emotion with authenticity, sensitivity and honesty. I would recommend this gent any day of the week.

Emily J. - Audio Producer

Let's Start With You Educating Me....

...On How I Can Help You!

You can contact me using the form or the details below to provide me with the full scope of your e-learning project's goals.

As your e-learning voiceover, I'm here to answer any questions you have and work with you to ensure we get the exact read and tone that you need. I want you to be certain your next e-learning course provides your audience with knowledge that will stay with them for a lifetime.